Limerick, Ireland

Clodagh Emoe

Reflections on a City Lot, 2023

A commissioned work from the 40th EVA International that consisted of a monumental outdoor print of a weed situated at the historical ‘Fireplace’ site on Nicholas Street, Limerick. The print showed a weed that was gleaned from the site early in 2023, and produced through an ecological print making process that transfers the plant dyes directly onto paper over the course of several days. The title of the work was inspired by Aldo Leopold, who observed how “the weeds in a city lot convey the same lessons as the redwoods”, ‘monumental scale as a gesture to reveal the power and potency of nature to city dwellers.

Clodagh Emoe is a visual and community-based artist who lives in Dublin (IE). Emoe has presented work at public arts institutions and galleries including The Serpentine Gallery, London (UK) and The Model, Sligo (IE), and had been in-residence with the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (IE).

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