Limerick, Ireland
Christopher Reid, Flyposted site specific typeset texts, series of text posters, each 25 x 25 cm

Christopher Reid


Over the course of this exhibition I have undertaken to meet and talk with a broad range of people living in Limerick. This social activity is the research from which the work evolves. During these meetings I record narratives and fragments that articulate personal experiences of living in this city. I record for sound only, transcribe the material, and edit it into discreet texts that can be mapped onto specific sites in the city. Posters are made of these texts. Over the course of the exhibition these are flyposted onto walls and street furniture in each specific site. A photograph is taken of each. I then paste a copy of each poster onto a wall in Limerick City Gallery of Art, which becomes a point of coherence for my fragmented actions. During the last weeks of the exhibition I will make a limited edition book using the photographs taken of those texts flyposted around Limerick city. The end result, I hope, will be an exhibition that hovers somewhere between myself and others, between narrative and experience, between being public and private, between dispersing and cohering into a representation of Limerick through living memory.

(Text: on the border of each other catalogue, 2003)

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