Limerick, Ireland
Christopher Leach, Series, 2010, pencil, chalk and crayon on MDF, each 5 x 7 cm

Christopher Leach

b. 1970, England

This series of new works is produced on an intimate scale using an extremely labour-intensive process. Scale is important in the consideration of each drawing. The characteristics of surface rendering and mark-making are modulated in order to proximate the viewer’s relationship to the work. The drawings are constructed to encourage an intimate response, enticing the viewer towards the surface of the composition as a point of mediation between the image and elements that constitute the work.

The drawings nominally depict cities from around the world, the repetitions and structure of the drawings holding a mirror up to specific patterns of existence, perpetuating an inquiry into both the structure and formulation of the drawing and the wider structure of the particular city itself.

(Text: e v+ a – matters catalogue, 2010)

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