Limerick, Ireland
Christine Tauber, dance arabesque, 2008, video installation with sound, 1 minute 13 seconds

Christine Tauber

b. 1965, Switzerland

I begin with my daily life, reality and its play. In order to question reality more, I rearrange it and pour the reality into another form. By transforming daily life, situations can unfold where strength and fragility exist side by side. I wait for the right moment, where the tension between the real image and the fantasy world can develop like children at play, simultaneously inspiring and energising their toys, whilst embedding them into a story.

I also play with existing forms, not only for their own existence, but also to assist the existence of something else. This enables me to bring my personal world of dreams and memories into motion. It is my journey to fathom the mystery behind the reality of life and to make the hidden world visible.

What exists is a reality continuously created by presence and observations of man.
— quotation from the Quantity Mechanics Foundation

(Text: e v+ a – matters catalogue, 2010)

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