Limerick, Ireland
Christina Gangos-Klien, Sundance, 2010, video installation of a one-shot documentary, 10 minute loop

Christina Gangos-Klien

b. 1982, Greece

Christina Gangos’ work has always aimed to capture everyday moments and processes inundated with the ability to disclose reality to the patient viewer. Stripping layer by layer of social representation and décor by elongating time to its ordinary length, her works in film are documents of bare living. Her work is usually created through months of patient observations and recordings, giving situations the necessary time to unfold, develop and manifest. Often compared to Cinéma Vérité, the films are slow in pace with many static shots, allowing for action and events to slowly be born, to exist and come to pass.
— Steve Valk (dramaturge, Frankfurt, 2010)

Sundance provokes the spectator to stare ‘into a taboo’. It points the camera on the dancer, John Casey, outside a staged setting. With no notion of either ‘rehabilitation’ nor ‘integration’, this work asks you to stand, equal to equal, with John for ten minutes and explore the uncharted territories your thoughts might drift to. Sundance entices the visitor to stare in admiration, to stand transfixed in awe of a formerly ‘invisible’ person. This work endeavours to bring the viewer closer to rarely explored aspects of humanity, ability and knowledge.

(Text: e v+ a – matters catalogue, 2010)


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