Limerick, Ireland
Catherina Hearne, Mias Gallúnach, 2007, mixed media installation, dimensions variable

Catherina Hearne


My art presents an enquiry into individual and collective memory. The works reference my personal history and experience as well as drawing on the practices, mythologies and beliefs that are integral to the Irish psyche. The visual references are eclectic, encompassing folklore, personal and found mementos, memorabilia and religious artifacts, while the process of making combines both ‘fine art’ and domestic or everyday approaches – drawing, painting, collage, sewing. This process of making – the attention to detail, the layering of information and building of surfaces, the physical engagement with materials, the time involved – is a vital aspect of the work, establishing links between my personal practice and the creativity of the cultures and generations from whom I draw inspiration.

(Text: too early for vacation catalogue, 2008)

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