Limerick, Ireland
Caoimhe Kilfeather, Night in the Science Zone, 2010, timber installation, 420 x 530 x 1000 cm

Caoimhe Kilfeather

b. 1979, Ireland

In making work, I often use existing systems, objects or images as catalysts to generate alternative narratives or forms – a sort of relentless revisiting of the world’s data. This enquiry stems from an interest in the normality of the world and the possibilities for its transformation. Notions of the time in which we identify and experience things is implicated in this enquiry: what is a foreseeable or attainable period of time and how do the cultural tropes of any period structure this experience and knowledge? These objects and images refresh our ability to perceive and consider. They appear in many ways familiar, but have lost or gained a function or have been reincarnated in some way.

(Text: e v+ a – matters catalogue, 2010)

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