Limerick, Ireland
Beth Derbyshire, Dwelling 1, graphite on paper, 4 x 2.7 m

Beth Derbyshire

b. 1971, England

Dwelling is the traced projection of a diagram of a living space for a single person, the term ‘single’ being defined as an individual who, for whatever reason, is not a member of a nuclear family. The decisions made in order to construct these units expose our thoughts on human capacity, our living patterns, and what categories we use to define people and their social characteristics. Architecture here provides a platform for meeting of the public and private.

Using projection to translate the diagram emphasises the proposed functionality of the units. The action of projection reveals the inconsistencies of the mechanised lines. Derbyshire’s task is to trace discrepancy, so rendering a fragile form in pencil – a medium that has associations with suggestions, the destiny of the material governing its currency. Through the marks made, the mechanised form of the diagram becomes humane. The lines in the drawing are rendered lightly so that they seemingly disappear and appear simultaneously, reflective of the delicacy of our existence. We are hardly here. Central is the suggestion that Derbyshire’s performance functions on two primary levels: as part participant and part commentator/critic, expanding on her findings.

(Text: friends + neighbours catalogue, 2000)

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