Limerick, Ireland
Art Links Limerick, Riverside Discussion, during CATA Come and Talk About event, courtesy the artists

Art Links Limerick


The ALL Collective’s project, CATA – Come And Talk About, aimed to emphasize the importance of water and the River Shannon to Limerick City as an amenity, resource and attraction. Through a series of public events, workshops and projects ALL explored and refined their interest and intention in raising public awareness of the Shannon’s presence in the City and its potential as a cultural, environmental and economic asset.

As part of After the Future, ALL presented CATA – Come And Talk About, a series of talks by multiple speakers on the importance of water and the River Shannon in Limerick City on Saturday 26 May 2012.

Speakers: Anna Macleod – Artist, Miriam Lohan – Limerick Riverpath Volunteers, Muireann De Barra – Documentary Maker, Pat Lysaght – River Shannon Worker and Riparian Resident, Sinead McDonnell – Environmental Awareness Officer, Limerick City Council, Brian J. Goggin – Waterways Historian.

CATA – Come And Talk About brought about an opportunity for open dialogue, prompting new connections and communication networks within an expansive community of interest. This allowed individuals to discuss their public and private issues regarding their relationship with water in the city, and to talk about and discover common ground upon which future projects may be built.

The ALL Collective is a collective of experimental visual artists, designers and social practitioners, currently including Mary Conroy, Aoife Cox and Joanna Hopkins, that collaborates with groups and individuals locally and nationally. Through collaboration with other groups ALL exchanges skills, ideas and knowledge to create projects through research, response, participation and re-contextualisation. Through a socially engaged practice ALL aims to create open platforms to initiate dialogue within a diverse audience.

(Text: EVA 2012, After the Future catalogue)

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