Limerick, Ireland
Andrew Kenny, Painting S 0560-G30Y, 2002, emulsion on MDF with type, 84 x 122 cm

Andrew Kenny

b. 1977, Ireland

This work has come about from an interest in questioning, pushing and tampering with art and its definition. This concern is foremost in my work and has informed how the work is made and how it looks. The paint and how it is applied is important (the absence of the customary artistic ‘added value’ of expressiveness, transcendence, etc). The work is intended not only to examine the ritual of cultural value, but to raise issues such as originality and autonomy. Specifically the work looks at the relationship between art and design and the appropriation of art as a decorating tool, the text having been taken from an interior-design context.

(Text: on the border of each other catalogue, 2003)

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