Limerick, Ireland
Alexandre da Cunha, Coverman & Survival, video installation, 16 minutes

Alexandre Da Cunha

b. 1969, Brazil

Bodily and visceral elements were photographed with figures, creating images that make us question what we are witnessing. They are hard to define, and hover around the medical, the forensic, and even, at times, the religious tableaux. Their strength is their potential to evoke a range of responses in the audience; they are both coldly objective and remarkably tender. Within the performance work, Alexandre da Cunha methodically carries out tasks on a wrapped or dressed figure, cutting away to reveal the body. The relationship between the performer or accomplice and victim are brought into question; indeed it is relationships that lie at the core of the work.

— Sgelaghh Cluett, 1999

(Text: friends + neighbours catalogue, 2000)

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