Limerick, Ireland
Áine McBride, and/or land, 2020, 39th EVA International. Courtesy the artist, mothers tankstation Dublin | London, and EVA International. Photo: Jed Niezgoda.

Áine McBride

Áine McBride presents and/or land is a semi-permanent sculptural work at the entrance to the Sailor’s Home that will remain in place for all three phases of the 39th EVA International. The work is a subtle and ambiguous response to the architecture of the Sailor’s Home – originally built in the 19th century as a resting place for international sailors and subsequently used as a Garda station. McBride’s work functions as an access ramp and handrail to the entrance of the building, while in its design and use of materials it echoes the austere grandeur of the building as it stands today in the context of modern Limerick.

Áine McBride is an artist that works with sculpture and photographic elements, often using construction and utility materials to create installations that resonate with the personal and public spaces of the built environment. McBride lives and works in Dublin. Recent exhibitions include work suite, Mother’s Tankstation, Dublin (2018); Habitat HQ, Douglas Hyde Gallery (offsite), Trinity College Dublin (2017); Hannah Fitz, Áine McBride, Daniel Rios Rodriguez, Marcel Vidal, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (2017); and Effort, Dada Post, Berlin (2017). McBride is a residential artist at Fire Station Artist Studios, Dublin, and is represented by Mother’s Tankstation, Dublin / London.

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