Limerick, Ireland
Aideen Doran, Invisible Cities, 2007, mixed media installation with videos, dimensions variable

Aideen Doran

b. 1984, Ireland

An 18th-century dandy stumbles repeatedly on the flagstones of an urban park, bat-winged men circle over an apartment block built in paper miniature… The imagery I use in my work is appropriated from multiple sources and rewoven into new narratives, often grotesque, always carnivalesque. I am interested in undermining the everyday objects, structures and behaviours which frame so much of our lives. The disjointed narratives, which play out in video or in paper cut-out upon the surface of a 45 record, take familiar imagery and banal locations and transform them to the point of absurdity. 45 records rescued from charity shops become the silent spaces of a miniature paper tableau. Another miniature is perched perilously upon a broken port glass, simultaneously poised for movement on a turntable and preserved beneath a bell jar. Old-fashioned and broken record players, detached from their speakers, obsolete TV units and secondhand furniture are given renewed function, assembled into a clustered city of objects which, in turn, supports multiple miniature worlds. Entropy parallels circularity, return and renewal throughout my work. Brokenness opens up the potential for new narratives and sets of meanings to emerge. The urban spaces of Belfast are transformed by the absurd pageant of a meaningless protest ‘march’ through the streets, an abandoned car park becomes a space where dancers emerge from behind telegraph poles, as if they were the wings of a stage. My practice explores the idea of city and contested space through actual and imaginary landscapes.

(Text: too early for vacation catalogue, 2008)

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