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It's hard to imagine a curator who, tasked with organising a biennale in Ireland in 2016, would ignore the centinery of the Easter Rising. And yet, for Limerick's EVA lnternational, Koyo Kouoh,we jest of course the connec­tion is made, with a smart widening of the lens. 'Ireland, which I consider the first and foremost laboratory of the British colonial enterprise, has always been a fixture in my thinking on the psychological and political effects a system designed to humiliate and alienate can have on peoples' souls', the Cameroonian-born, Dakar-based Kouoh saysof her show Still (the) Barbarians, an exploration of the continuing after effects of colonialism that places Ireland at its centre. The 50 artists selected, who are delivering both a variety' of new commissions and performances, include Kader Attia. Mary Evans, Liam Gillick, Alfredo Jaar, Uriel Orlow and Tracey Rose,and are divided across nine venues, including the sonorously titled Cleeve's Condensed Milk factory. We would say some­ thing here about the cream of recent art but we've already done our allocated fooling for one preview and that's that.


Oliver Basciano May 2016


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