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Inti Guerrero on the Open Call

Thursday 19th January, 2017

Inti answers some of the questions you'd love to ask him about the Open Call

With the deadline approaching for the Open Call for EVA International 2018 the curator, Inti Guerrero explains what exactly he means by the current state, how he will select work and what a 'kaleidoscopic ecology of intertwining group shows' will look like.

As the curator of the 38th edition of EVA International, how will you approach the exhibition?

Inti Guerrero: EVA has a long history of reinventing itself and I plan on contributing to this legacy. For 2018, what I would like to propose is a certain mutant idea of the ‘exhibition’ experience, by creating a cosmology of various self contained exhibitions. In other words, I wish to propose a drift from the monolithic thematic exhibition, which has become the common practice of Biennial making.

What do you mean by the "current state"?

Inti Guerrero: ‘Current state’ is the title we have given to the Open Call. I feel it is important to convey to artists across the world to interpret this title in as many ways as possible. This could be a reflection on the current state of their work, the current state of government, the current state of one’s family, the current state of art history, the current state of ideology, the current state of one’s illness, the current state of religion, or a reflection on how the state of today reminds us of the state of yesterday.

2016 was such a tumultuous year in many corners of the world. There is an atmosphere of uncertainty towards dark times to come. We feel that EVA needs to catalyse, within our global artistic community, a reflection of the current critical state of society. Not all artists address social contexts and politics, and therefore it is important that the Open Call remains open. Open for artists to show us how matter, form and movement may translate diverse ideas of a current state, as suggested above.

What will be your selection criteria for the Open Call?

Inti Guerrero: The Open Call is a tool for me as a curator to be introduced to the work of artists that I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to consider. While democracy in our post-fact world may be floundering; this Open Call gives everyone an opportunity to be considered. I won’t have a set criteria when I select the work, rather I will let an exhibition discourse emerge by associating works that I will encounter throughout the Open Call and a variety of subjects and concepts that I have in my mind after an exciting and inspiring first research visit to Limerick. 

The 38th edition of EVA International will be open to the public from 14 April to 8 July 2018, across various locations, institutions and public spaces in Limerick City. The closing date for receipt of all proposals is 12pm (GMT) 31 January 2017. 

Apply for our open call HERE

Image: Inti Guerrero on his first research trip to Limerick, photo by Deirdre Power.



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