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And then...(blood and guts edition)

Wednesday 15th June, 2016

Ormston House and Canteen co-host And then...

Ormston House in association with Canteen are pleased to host, And then…a spoken word film festival on Thursday 16 June 2016 from 7pm at Mother Macs, High Street, Limerick.

Liam Gillick's 'And then…' is a spoken word film festival taking place at Mother Macs pub on High Street as part of EVA International. Taking the cue from their current Murder Machine project, Ormston House are to host the upcoming black pudding workshop in association with Canteen, who have aptly chosen to introduce the theme of blood and guts.

Join the teams this Thursday to share the plot of a film that literally or loosely deals with blood and guts, however you remember it (or don’t remember it as the case may be). Take turns at the microphone, it is open and there are no limitations to duration or style.

What is more is that Ormston House along with Canteen and Rigney's farm will host a black pudding workshop on the 25 June. This is a free event and details on how to obtain tickets can be found here.



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