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Nice Screams A Citizens' Anthem routes announced

Monday 4th April, 2016

Deirdre Power & Softday
Sunday 24 April 2016
12 – 3pm

1924: A public competition with a prize of £50 was run by the Dublin Evening Mail to find a new anthem for the Free State. The judging panel, W.B. Yeats, Lennox Robinson and James Stephens decided, ‘there is not one amongst them worth fifty guineas or any portion of it…’

2016: The artists invited the public to create a citizens’ anthem for a modern Ireland. The winning composition, A Dhaoine Uaisle Uachtair Reoite (Better World in Mind) by Donnacha Tommey was selected by public vote and converted to an ice cream van chime to be performed at the EVA International – Ireland’s Biennale of Contemporary Art on Sunday 24 April 2016.

Shannon Ice Cream Van route
Route 1
12pm - Ballysimon Road, Dublin Road, Clare Street
12.15pm - Arthurs’ Quay Park, Island Road
1 – 1.30pm - Clancy's Strand
1.45pm - People's Park      
Route 2
12pm - Ballysimon Road, Childers’ Road, O’Connell Avenue
12.30 – 12.50pm - Redemptorist Church
1 – 1.30pm - Penneys
1.45pm - People’s Park
A Dhuine Uaisle Uachtair Reoite
(Better World in Mind)
Please leave a little space for me
This time next year I’ll be three
Thank you for the freedom and the sovereignty
And protecting our equality
It’s good to know that everything is sound
Just had the politicians ‘round
Smiling wider than their poster photos
Reassuring all the voters
We have a better world in mind
Paint it open and paint it wide
We’ll stand over its design
An ice-cream chime as our guide
An ice-cream chime as our guide
A dhuine uaisle, Uachtair Reoite
A dhuine uaisle, Uachtair Reoite
Donnacha Toomey
Arranged and scored for two ice cream vans by Deirdre Power and Softday with the kind permission of the composer, Donnacha Toomey.




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