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EVA in the News

Tuesday 8th December, 2015

EVA International and Limerick City Arts Officer Sheila Deegan (who is also an EVA board member) were mentioned in an Irish Times article published on 6 December 2016 titled Does art still have a place at the heart of our communities? 


Some officers, such as Sheila Deegan, in Limerick, and James Harrold, in Galway city, are well established and seem adept at dealing with political and administrative realities.


The amount that Limerick spends relative to its population, while not so dramatic, is on the upper side of the national average. The exceptionally energetic Deegan has encouraged cultural incentives other than in terms of direct spending – by, for example, having the city underwrite the cultural use of vacant buildings. She is also long associated with EVA International, the city’s biennial, which, under Woodrow Kernohan, has increasingly found international funding.

Limerick and Galway have communicated the idea that they support creative industry, making environments where artists want to be and building up pools of talent and experience, which in turn feed into events such as EVA and Tulca.

Read the article in full HERE



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