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"EVA curator 'has always dreamt of Ireland'" – The Irish Times, 3 November 2015

Wednesday 4th November, 2015

EVA 2016 Still(the)Barbarians curator interviewed by Aidian Dunne for The Irish Times with initial responses to Limerick, Ireland, the EVA 2016 Open Call and her plans for the 2016 Biennial.


The Irish Times, Visual art: EVA curator ‘has always dreamt of Ireland’, Aidan Dunne, 3 November 2015

Sometimes it takes an outsider to see things clearly. For Koyo Kouoh, the curator of next year’s EVA International in Limerick, it seems obvious that EVA is the Irish biennial of contemporary art. Yet it was long denied that status, even though it has a consistent track record since 1977 and an unrivalled international profile.

Kouoh has just left Ireland following the latest of several preparatory visits here. She will return in December and plans to base herself in Limerick from February until the opening in April. Her EVA marks the centenary of the Easter Rising and will be calledStill (the) Barbarians.

Reflecting on EVA’s role, she puts it this way: “Biennial exhibitions tend to be identified with one city, one place. I feel that the concept of Ireland is a very particular one, and I would hope to place Limerick in a national context rather than identifying the exhibition exclusively with Limerick. EVA is the only biennial in Ireland.”



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